34F Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Sophie Dee
Femdom Pornstars

Mistress Sophie Dee uses her huge tits as weapons to abuse and humiliate her slave. She has the slave tied down to her bondage table, she reveals her enormous 34F breasts to taunt the slave with. Sophie asks the slave if he would like to lick and touch her perfect breasts, before he can answer she starts smothering him with her breasts. One of her breasts is enough to cover and smother his entire face and leave him gasping for air. Sophie rubs her breasts just out of reach of the slaves tongue, Go ahead lick my tits making the slave strain to touch them. Sophie then begins a brutal big breast beat down, using her enormous tits to abuse the slave. She slams her tits against his face, I wonder if you can get a black eyes from breast abuse! How humiliating to be abused by tits this way.

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