Rear Ended Ella Nova Gets Her Ass Stretched By Casey Calvert

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Casey Calvert
Ella Nova
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Ella Novas car is having engine trouble. She drives into her step sister, Casey Calverts garage. Casey tells Ella that shell fix her car, but theres only one form of payment that shell accept... Her asshole. Ella knows the drill and bends over her cars hood. Casey lifts up Ellas short skirt and pulls down her thong panties. She squeezes and spanks Ellas gorgeous round ass, then tells her to wait there as she gathers some toys. First Casey gets out a big metal anal hook attached to a chain leash. She shoves it in her step-sisters asshole and makes her hold the leash handle with her teeth. Casey removes her own shorts and panties, grabs the leash, and puts one leg up on Ellas car. She pulls Ella closer to her and makes her lick her pretty asshole. And with Ellas tongue on her asshole and a vibrator on her clit, Casey cums hard on Ellas face. Casey removes the hook from Ellas ass and replaces it with a big metal dildo. She fucks her ass with the metal toy, pops it out, and puts it right in Ellas mouth to taste her own ass. Casey tells Ella to turn over and spread her legs. Casey gets a big clear glass plug called The Pillar and sinks it into her step sisters ass, creati

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