Acquired Redhead For Training

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Abigail Dupree
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This new redheaded female slave, freshly acquired from the reliable slave trading post here on the Portland Oregon south shoring docks, is in dire need of training. Master James reflects after transporting her to the training yard and securing her in the hotbox, She is weak and frail from the long trip on the slow boat from the northern regions of Norway, One of my favorite types of fresh meat. She is pail and frail with no manners suitable for a Masters needs, but He is confident that she will trim up nicely after a few weeks working and eating proper under His skilled heavy hand. So in this brief peek of this new slave, the training consists of studying her temperament while being incarcerated, confined for a couple of days to let the realism set in of her fate as a servant to those of superiority. Both the box and chained in the main dungeon. She is the handled and spanked to initiate the training as you will see with clarity of strict enforcement. The understanding of consistency described as from DEBRIS is the basis for comprehensive implementation - but it is based on the right of the slave to be able to withdraw consent at any time. - which means at the same time an immediat

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