Nikki Knightly Girl Next Door Gone Goth Is Bound And Torment

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Nikki Knightly
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Nikki Knightly is nervous about her day with The Pope. Its been a while since shes been in his hands, so shes understandably hesitant. She begins in a standing position with her neck, wrists, and ankles locked in place with steel stocks. The Pope eases her into the day with some sadistically sensual groping before he subjects her to any pain at all. But when the pain comes, it comes, and so does she. Nikki has sexualized all of it, and when shes all bound up, shes in her happy place. The imposed orgasms begin and she presses her ass back against The Pope, just to feel her captors touch. We next find Nikki in the scavengers daughter. She has struggled so much that she is exhausted by the time The Pope enters, but he takes no mercy on her and goes straight to work on that beautiful, fuckably body. He uses her like a little toy that he can discard whenever hes done with her, and she loves the feeling of being taken and used. The Pope uses electrical devices to toy with her before issuing more orgasms that have her twisting and writhing in a futile attempt to escape his clutches. Nikkis resistance exhausts her, but The Pope continues, relentlessly, putting her on her back with

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