After being left standing tied up in a cold, dank room for w

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Alexa Nova
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After being left standing tied up in a cold, dank room for what feels like forever, Alexa Nova is starting to get impatient. She wriggles, trying to find a more comfortable position, and calls out for O. T. To come back. Alexa doesnt seem to understand that the discomfort she is experiencing now is a blessing when compared to the pain and torment O. T. Is going to put her through when he finally answers her calls. As soon as he returns for her, O. T. Puts a ball gag in Alexas mouth so he doesnt have to hear her whine anymore. Then its finally time to give her something to really cry about. He cuts holes in her dress for her nipples, then attaches clamps with weights hooked to them and starts getting a feel for her body. Once her panties are cut off he cant resist playing with her perfectly shaved pussy. Her mouth can only get out muffled shrieks, but the tears in her eyes and her wet pussy tell us all we need to know. Alexa mind may be telling her to beg for mercy, but her pussy is screaming for more attention. O. T. Bends her over and really gets to work, flogging her ass and pussy and making her cry out in pain and pleasure. He attaches a neck rope and keeps wailing on her w

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