Out she goes. Zoey Laine probably shouldnt just pick up and

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Zoey Laine
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Out she goes. Zoey Laine probably shouldnt just pick up and take whatever pills strange men give her. Shes too hot to not know better. Men have been paying attention to her since she started growing those perky little tits of hers. Her sexy legs and tight ass didnt go unnoticed in those yoga pants, either. Seconds after she downs what she thinks is ibuprofen she is passed out on the floor. By the time she has come to O. T. Has already inspected every inch of her beautiful body. If he was just fucking her she would probably hate it less. O. T. Has never been all that interested in getting his dick wet, no matter how hot of a piece of ass he just reeled in. Instead he has a new head cage hed like her to try out for him. Barbed wire and cold metal envelope her, she can see them right in front of her eyes. She knows that the rusted spikes wont just jump out and get her, but she cant help but be terrified with them so close to her pretty face. She doesnt dare flail too much as her captor flogs her ass and uses a dildo to fuck her pussy. Shes too worried about what this bondage helmet will do to her if she unbalances it. Zoey should be more worried about what O. T. Is going to do

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