Alina West is cuter than a bag of kittens. Her tan firm fles

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Alina West
Jack Hammer
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Alina West is cuter than a bag of kittens. Her tan firm flesh, big blue eyes and long blonde hair make her look like that perky cheerleader that you could never get your hands on. Lucky for us, this girl next door realized her true callingto get naked on the internet and take a ton of dick for our viewing pleasure. We are all winners here. This is Alinas first time on Sexuallybroken, lets see how she does! Bound in a strict strappado on top of a sybian, Alinas shaved pussy in in for the ride of its life. A sybian is the worlds most powerful vibrator and can pull out orgasm after orgasm out of pussy. We want to see just how well Alina can multi task while cumming her brains out. After all, multi tasking is a valuable skill. And we are always willing to teach. As the sybian is flipped on and Alinas mouth opens wide in an orgasmic shriek, we simply step up and introduce hard cock right into her face pussy. The waves of orgasm that blast though her bound body are mind melting and all the w

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