Rubber Metal, Part 2 Of 4

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This is an update in four parts, three sets of approximatly 30 high quality fetish images and one approximatly 10 minute video. This complete set shows you Springs ordeal as described next during this long day. A trip to another universeIve always thought that bad things happen in dark and secret basements. My oh my, was I wrong From today on Ill never forget that really really really bad things happen on broad day light in tidy classy attics. A nice beginningIt all started with an invitation. I love travelling to new places, so when he asked me to accompany him on a trip for work, I immediately said yes. I looked forward to explore an exciting new city. Guess what! I never saw any of it. Dressed up in rubberAs soon as we arrived, he and a beautiful lady that seemed to belong to the house, ordered me to undress. Resisting was clearly no option, so I obeyed. The lady dressed me up in a very tight rubber corset, with rubber stockings, rubber sleeves and quite high heels. I felt a bit ner

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