Rookie Cup Tournament Johnny Starlight Vs Alexa Nova

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Alexa Nova
Johnny Starlight
Lesbians Pornstars Wrestling

Welcome to the rookie cup tournament. Johnny Starlight just beat Lily Lane. Alexa Nova gets a buy in the tournament which has her up against Johnny Starlight. The tournaments bring out the best in our wrestlers. Ass is on the line today. Who ever loses is giving up Anal, like a true loser. With the stakes being high, we see these girls going all out in 100 percent real competitive wrestling. We see an Alexa weve never seen before. Shes fighting back hard, reversing holds, putting Johnny into scissors, sweeping Johnny over and getting on top. These hot red heads really go hard. With such a huge weight difference, Alexa doesnt seem to stand a chance but holy hell, shes getting coached by Ariel and we see some major improvements. Alexa Dominates the entire round 3. She takes Johnnys back and simply molests the shit out of johhnys huge titties. Is it enough to get little Alexa the W! Its a close match and with Alexa getting stronger and stronger in each round its a very exciting match. Thi

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