Slaves Of The Dungeon Lord Part Ii

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Anya Krey
Bondage Hardcore Humiliation Male Domination Punishment Slave Girl Submission

Bdsm continues with Anya Krey suspended in one of the rooms where her master arrives to submiss her. She feels pain from spanking and gets bitten to pleasure from her masters pussy fingering. Her ass is so pale, a whipping session brings a nice pink to her skin as she screams in pain with no relief. Master is not satisfied and brings out a bigger whip, bruises are more deserving for a filthy slave. He leaves her suspended and goes to his next subject. Noa Livia has been sitting naked, tied up from her neck arms and feet to an old wooden chair where her master comes to torment her. He leaves scratch marks all over her body grabs her small tits hard enough to make her scream. Both slaves are brought to another room and tied to a table to hear each others agonizing pain.

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