It`s the second anniversary of

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Abigail Dupree
Master James
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It`s the second anniversary of Master James and slave abigail for the signing of their contract to become Master and slave. Slave abigail came into the evening ritual not knowing what to expect but traditionally this occasion is celebrated with pain so she has been preparing herself for days. Master James threw her for a loop when He announced to her that she would be receiving pleasure instead. She almost didn`t know what to do with this. She also knows that there is no pleasure without pain so she still braced herself for whatever her Master had planned. He starts by putting her in the large head stocks and places a grimy bucket over her head. A few swift and hard cane strokes to the thighs gets her firey just the way he likes her. To keep her straight he slowly lowers her down onto her slave seat fitted with the anal rod and can`t help but to add one more element to her already tasking predicament by having her suck His cock. He then bends her over the leg spreader and attaches her

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